My Email Response Rate

We all feel overwhelmed by email, but just how bad is it? Are you less diligent responding to email than your peers? This app attempts to provide some insight into how your email responsiveness compares.

You can run this program on your own email account by following the directions on the project's github page:

How Bad Is It?

# Incoming Emails per Day
# Outgoing Emails per Day

Over the past month you have received 12 incoming emails and sent 3 outgoing emails.

Each day you receive an average of 12 incoming emails and send 3 outgoing emails.

You're receiving:
than average (15 emails/day)
And sending:
15% more than average (2 emails/day)

Am I a responsive email citizen?

responded in < 5min
responded in < 10min
responded in < 30min
responded in < 2hr
responded in < 6hr
responded in < 1 day
responded in < 3 days
responded in < 1 week
responded in +1 week

Your average response time is hours, and your median response time is hours.

The people you email have an average response time of hours. You are than them.

Your email response rate is faster than the worldwide average. The global average email response time is 60 hours!

Who are my friends?

According to researchers, we respond fastest to people we like. So who does your email say are you like? And how often do you correspond with people you don't like?

The graph is ordered shortest response time first, and the vertical axis is # email responses. If most of the graph area is to the left, you're primarily emailing with people you like. If most of the graph area is to the right, you're emailing people you don't like :(