Online Weighted Decision Matrix 2014-06-17 17-54-08

So my friend Choed showed me a technique for making big decisions called a decision matrix. The idea is that is that you list the possible outcomes of a decision and the factors that would influence your choice, and then calculate a score for each outcome.  The full rules are here:  As someone who’s kind of indecisive, I thought this was pretty useful. As someone who’s a huge procrastinator, I thought I should make an online app to automate the process before making my decisions 🙂  The result is here:

I tried to make my app look like the original decision matrix – a sheet of graph paper with a bunch of nicely drawn lines. The javascript is done with angular, and is connected to a mongodb db hosted by I also tried out a bunch of new html5 features I’ve never used before, like border image, border-box sizing, and html form validation. The app works best in Firefox. Chrome doesn’t handle the drag and drop properly, but otherwise works. IE, as usual, has some issues.

The work in progress is always saved. Each decision matrix page is assigned a unique url.  Remember that url. When you load that url, your work will appear, just as you last left it.