My Email Response Rate 2014-06-13 18-31-53

Google used to have a great feature where they would send you an email at the end of every month summarizing the activity on your gmail account. Mostly it showed the number of emails you received and responded to over the course of the month. Both Cassie and I find writing emails to be a chore (along with the rest of the world), so we would compete to see who would send the most emails in the month. Just as our competition got going, Google killed off the service 🙁

So I wrote a script to compile all the data Google used to send us.  But then I got a bit carried away and started including all sorts of other useful information, like how fast you respond to emails, how fast your friends respond to you.  Also I read somewhere that we respond fastest to our friends, and slowest to people we don’t like. So I made a chart of response time by recipient.

The code connects to Gmail via IMAP, and then creates a webpage with a bunch of pretty charts showing how you use Gmail. You can find the source, and instructions for using the project here: