Bed and Nightstands



When Cassie and I moved to Seattle, we got rid of most of our furniture.  We figured it would be easier and cheaper just to buy new stuff.  But we forgot was how much of a pain furniture shopping is.  So a year and a half after we moved, our bedroom still had no furniture. – just a mattress on the floor.  Faced with the prospect of spending lots of time in home furnishing showrooms, I decided it would be better just to build the furniture.  This idea probably would have remained a pipe dream, except I found the awesome website, which provides plans and guidance to beginners.  Exactly what I needed.  Eventually I got a circular saw and some wood and built two nightstands and a bed with a headboard to fill out the room. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started, so a lot of things aren’t quite right, but over all the nightstands work really well and the bed has not collapsed, so I’m happy with it 🙂


  1. I love this bed but cant find the plans. Any chance you still have the link?

  2. Thanks for posting the links for the plans. Again, fantastic job and cant wait to build my own this weekend!

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